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Disco Equipment Hire

Aberdeen Mobile Disco hires you a complete disco system with disco lights for your event at any venue in Aberdeen. We deliver, set up and demonstrate how it all works (its simple!), dismantle and remove it from the venue at the end of your event in Aberdeen. All you need to provide is the music on an Iphone, laptop or MP3 format. We can provide a connector to link your ipod or laptop directly to our disco hire system so you can play your own music.
Take control of your own party music!
Plug in your ipod or laptop. We deliver, set up and collect our Disco equipment systems at all venues in Aberdeen.
Book your Mobile Disco in Aberdeen
You will send us a cheque for 100 to secure your booking. Your cheque will be return to you when our disco hire system is back with us. You can pay the hire rate by CASH on the day of your event.
Our Rates: Disco equipment hire in Aberdeen
The following prices apply if you collect and return the disco equipment from our office in Aberdeen:
     75   Peavey - for parties up to 150 people
     50    Behringer - for parties up to 50 people
* We can also deliver, set up and collect in any venue in Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire for an additional charge.
*Our disco hire package comes with one Party Light as standard
* We also have other sound systems available for hire.  
Mobile Disco Aberdeen DJ Disco Hire Aberdeen DJ Mobile
Party Lights: Equinox Nimbus
Aberdeen Mobile Disco
Disco Equipment Hire & DJ services
  Complete sound system
150 watts per channel 300
watts total output
Everything is packed into
one unit
Ideal for parties and events
up to 150 people 
Peavey Escort 3000

Hire for Only 75
Disco Equipment Hire  
DJ services
Aberdeen Mobile Disco
15 Leggart Avenue
Aberdeen, AB12 5UL
01224 607144
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